Contract Manufacturer

Telemark CNC is an ISO9001:2008 certified leading supplier of precision plastic and metal alloy components to OEM and second tier subcontractors. Our Swiss and conventional machining methods along with our contract manufacturing expertise, make us a prime consideration for many companies looking for value added cost reductions. We service customers across multiple industries such as Photonics, Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Energy Distribution, Automotive, Cryogenic, Refrigeration and Medical. Our Leadership Team are experts in Lean Six Sigma and our ISO 9000 Quality Management System is fully incorporated into our ERP system, providing us a “locked in” systemic approach to Quality Management.

Contract Machining & Manufacturing

Our capabilities include: 7 axis Swiss Swiss CNC Turning up to 1 inch (26mm) dia.
Conventional CNC turning up to 1-7/8 inch dia.
4 axis CNC Milling
Prototyping to High Volume Machining
Mechanical Assembly
Full ERP System with Inventory Control
CAD/CAM File Compatibility
Lot & Piece Part Traceability
MRO & Consignment Order Management
Finish –Paint/Powder coat/Plating/Plasma Spray/Tumble/Polish/Grind
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Telemark CNC LLC


Telemark is committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and as such, we have aggressive recycling programs for all oil based products and Increased our application of water based coolants. We have also installed new state of the art Aqueous Parts Washing system and remove all solvents from our production areas. All waste water is captured for water treatment and no chemicals are disposed of on site. It is a long journey to get GREEN and we are just getting started.