Paint/Powder Coat, Plating, Thermal Spray & Packaging

Powder Coated Electrical Connector Housing
When we were first approached to do powder coating for one of our customers we looked to outside services, but found that most sources were not equipped to do Precision Components. So, we developed our own internal processes and later transferred our knowledge to one of our local trusted suppliers. Now we have both In-house and controlled subcontracted services for quick turnaround and high volume production. The result…over 10,000 connector housings and counting. The same control and precision is true for our Painting, Plating and Thermal Spray Services. We offer a wide range of finish applications. To complement superior finishes we have to also consider packaging and storage of product. We often find that using recyclable plastic packaging and traditional egg crates the go to choice in product protection. However, we can accommodate your custom packaging needs at surprising low costs.